Build an Omnichannel Marketing Plan

Business growth requires an intelligent marketing plan that you can successfully execute. This hands-on program is for companies looking to grow by implementing a strategic marketing plan effective for long term success. You will learn about the latest marketing trends, technologies, and processes, and how to use them for business growth. By participating in this group program you, or your key staff members, will develop a marketing plan built around your business objectives.

During the program you will:
• develop and clarify your business objectives
• analyze the current marketplace
• define your target audience
• incorporate online and offline marketing channels
• enhance your company brand and marketing materials
• prepare your written marketing plan

The program will meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly and the number of meetings will be based upon the group's objectives. Each session will include presentations, group discussions, and hands-on projects. Customized materials will be provided during the program for your use and reference.You will complete the program with a written marketing plan that you can share and put into action with members of your business team.

The program takes place at Stevens 470 or an off-site meeting facility. Programs can also be presented at your business location for the members of your marketing team.