COOKBOOK by Tina Stevens

crisps cobblers cakes

sweet and simple recipes celebrating delicious fruits and berries from farms of the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley

I like to cook...but love to bake!
Summer fruit desserts are my favorite, full of local ingredients that are sweet and full of sunshine! The recipes in this cookbook use basic ingredients from your kitchen and easy baking techniques. I enjoy visiting local farms, making my selections from fruits at their peak of ripeness, and coming home to bake a simple and delicious dessert.
I think you will too!

Tina Stevens

NEWS! March 2023

Many thanks to each of you that have supported Crisps Cobblers Cakes with your purchase of cookbooks, tea towels, and gift sets! From those purchases we were able to make the first donation of $500 to CISA to support their work in assisting local farms and farmers.

You can purchase online today:

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6" x 11"  34 recipes   44 pages   $18.00 + tax

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100% cotton  19.5" x 27.5"  $16.00 + tax

I hope this cookbook inspires you to explore the wonderful, healthy food grown right here in the Pioneer Valley. You can enjoy seasonal cooking and baking with delicious and nourishing results.

Farmers and farm land are integral to the future of the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley.

We are fortunate to have farmers committed to caring for the land and growing healthy food for our community. Their resilience, strength, and knowledge are essential to our food system. Local farms give us access to farm shares, farm stands, farmers markets, stores, and pick-your-own offerings that provide us with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, eggs, meat and poultry.

Individuals, restaurants, and businesses continue to show commitment to our farms and their products through the purchase of fresh local food. By strengthening farm and food producer businesses we are all creating a region that supports small farms and local agriculture, setting the example for a food stable community.