Create a Powerful Brand for Today's Marketplace

Does the outward presentation of your company showcase the quality of your business? In today's digital marketplace, many businesses fail to represent themselves effectively throughout all of the current media channels. Brand management is necessary for a positive return on your marketing and advertising investments. By participating in this group program you, or your key staff members, will clarify your brand position, strengthen your messaging, and update your brand image.

During the program you will:
• review your business presentation in today’s marketplace
• define your desired marketing objectives and brand image
• clarify your business personality, company messaging, and client benefits
• update your company’s online and offline marketing materials
• prepare a plan for managing your brand to effectively represent your business

The program will meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly and the number of meetings will be based upon the group's objectives. Each session will include presentations, group discussions, and hands-on projects. Customized materials will be provided during the program for your use and reference. You will complete the program with a written brand review and management plan that you can share and put into action with members of your business team.

The program takes place at Stevens 470 or an off-site meeting facility. Programs can also be presented at your business location for the members of your marketing team.