Yahoo! Launches New Search Engine

Separation from Google a major change in search technology

At the end of February, Yahoo! unveiled their new search engine, which utilizes the new Yahoo! Search Technology (YST). This launch is noteworthy not only because this is a completely new search engine but also because of the shift it signifies in search engine optimization.

Prior to this launch, the Yahoo! search function had been using results provided by search goliath, Google. (The Yahoo! directory remained independent.) In that relationship, optimizing a website could focus heavily on Google because of the relationship between Yahoo! and Google. The two engines combined accounted for nearly 80% of all searches made on the internet. However, with the launch of the new Yahoo! search engine it is clear that search engine optimizers must take the new Yahoo! search into account.

While the "half of all online searches" claim Yahoo! makes may be a bit lofty, clearly Google is no longer the only game in town. In fact, their place at the top of the search engine food chain will further be challenged later this year when Microsoft launches their new MSN search engine. Times are changing in the field of search engine technology!

Official Yahoo Rress Release

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