Using Your Brand Message Across Channels

what is in it for me? your marketing messages need to have relevance for your prospects and customers

Integrating On-line and Off-line
When you integrate your brand message and brand image across all channels you will acquire better prospects, generate more traffic and ultimately increase sales. A consistent brand provides a unified company message, creates customer comfort, visually and verbally links all your products and services together – all with the intention of generating brand loyalty and long-term customer value.

The challenge is to manage the brand and the content in each channel so that the message is compatible. At the same time you will want to vary the message based on the media to leverage the strength of each type of communication. You also need to address your prospects and customers in a way that encourages response. They need to recognize you, you need to get to the point, and you need to make it worth their while by making them an offer they can respond to.

Print Media
The traditional print channels (mail, catalogs, advertising) continue to work well for:
  • generating prospects
  • effectively presenting an offer
  • introducing product and generating trial
  • direct sales of products and services
  • maintaining good credibility and reliability
Electronic Media
The newer electronic channels (e-mail, e-news, websites) work well for:
  • communicating product changes
  • providing information
  • creating interaction with customers
  • generating dynamic personalization
  • accurate targeting
  • maintaining relationships
Make It Clear
When developing print and electronic messaging be sure to keep it simple (people are busy) and clearly ask for a specific response (direct your audience). Speak appropriately to your customer in a tone they recognize as your brand. Make offers that are interesting and compelling. Test various offers to see what generates the most response. The most successful marketing efforts, in print and on-line, utilize all the direct marketing tools available today – offers, guarantees, time-specific sales, etc.

Keep It Coming
While you need to balance the amount of customer contact based upon their preferences and your marketing budget, be sure to develop an on-line and off-line marketing plan so that customer communication is pre-planned and has a specific intention.

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