Using E-mail to Drive Web Traffic

Waiting for customers and prospects to visit your website is much too passive

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. In today's business climate, waiting for customers and prospects to visit your website is much too passive. E-mail marketing allows you to efficiently communicate with your existing customers and prospects. Your e-mail can be designed to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or send customers to your retail store. E-mails are also highly effective for building customer loyalty.

E-mail marketing will generate an immediate response. Response to an e-mail campaign usually occurs within the first 48 hours after the e-mail is broadcast.

E-mail lists are easy to segment, using similar criteria to traditional mailing lists, so you can target your promotions to specific customer interests, lifestyles or buying habits.

Broadcast e-mails are less costly than most other types of direct marketing activity. There are no printing or postage costs. Customized messages are also easier and less expensive to create and send.

E-mail Campaigns

Create a Campaign

By planning ahead you can develop a powerful e-mail campaign. Regularly scheduled e-mails are more effective than randomly sent messages. Based on your business objectives, develop a schedule and establish e-mail content for each broadcast. You may find it easier to work with a design or web firm that can create your e-mails as well as manage your list and broadcast your campaigns.

E-mail Design

Your e-mails should be designed with the look and feel of your website and off-line marketing materials to achieve a continuous branding effort. Every e-mail does not have to look the same, as long as you keep your brand message consistent.

E-mail Broadcasts
You will need to partner with an e-mail broadcasting service if you plan to send your e-mail to a substantial audience. There are a variety of choices available with various levels of service to meet your needs.

List Management
The best place to start your e-mail campaign is with your own permission-based lists. Be sure to use a list management service (often included in your broadcast package) to manage your e-mail list(s). You will need subscription management forms which automatically handle your e-mail list management for opt-ins and opt-outs, as well as other contact data fields you have in your database.

Statistics Reports
By checking the statistics for each of your e-mails you can gain valuable insight into how well they are reaching your audience and how well your audience is responding to your message or offer. Review your e-mail reports for details on numbers of opens, click throughs and links, as well as opt-outs, bounces and other response info.

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