Upcoming Educational Seminars from Stevens Design Studio

The 2007 Business Market Show will take place on May 2nd at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over 200 booths in the Exhibition Hall will showcase regional business products and services. Informative business seminars will be offered by industry experts in the MassMutual meeting rooms. Stevens Design Studio will be presenting two educational seminars.

Multichannel Marketing

11:00 - 11:45 am | Tina Stevens

In today's marketplace we are all multichannel marketers. Few businesses interact with their customers through just one channel. No matter where they started - retail, catalog, direct sales - most businesses have added an online channel. There is also growing pressure on retail businesses to provide the three major channels to their customers - retail, catalog and e-commerce. Customers now decide where, when and how they want to shop and interact with your business.

The challenge is to manage your brand and the content in each of your channels so that your message is consistent. It is extremely important that every channel your customer visits is a complete and compelling experience. Each channel needs to be fully developed and stand alone, as well as be an integral part of the company brand. A consistent brand provides a unified company message which generates brand loyalty and long-term customer value.

Benefit to Attend:
During this seminar we will discuss the many channels that your customer may be using in trying to do business with you. Learn how to make each channel effective for your business and ensure that no channel becomes a hindrance to your business growth.

About the Presenter:
Tina Stevens is the Principal and Creative Director of Stevens Design Studio. She holds an MA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University and has extensive experience in strategic marketing. Stevens Design Studio provides strategic marketing, print communications, and web development services.

Effective E-commerce

10:00 - 10:45 am | Justin Friend and Fred Bliss

Online sales growth is expected to continue at double digit percentages during 2007. For many companies online sales now account for over 50% of their annual revenue. The latest studies find that more consumers are relying on the internet for product research before making purchases.

Advances in internet technology and the expanded use of online sales tools make it more affordable for smaller companies to match the standards set by the bigger online retailers. Web visitors need to move easily through searching, browsing, selecting and purchasing –all in one simple and efficient web session. Now is the time to evaluate the strength of your e-commerce package and take steps to strengthen your online sales opportunities.

Benefit to Attend:
Whether you are building a new e-commerce website or planning to overhaul of your current website, following today's best practices is critical to long-term success. During this seminar we will discuss critical requirements of your e-commerce website and cost-effective methods for building a powerful e-commerce presence. Join Justin and Fred to learn about creating a robust e-commerce solution, including hosting, software, payment processing, fulfillment, and reporting.

About the Presenters:
Justin Friend and Fred Bliss are Web Developers at Stevens Design Studio. They design and build powerful e-commerce websites by implementing today's technology and understanding online behavior. Stevens Design Studio provides strategic marketing, print communications, and web development services.

Entrance to the Business Market Show and the business seminars will be free with your business card. Visit businessmarketshow.com to register for seminars, to see the full day's agenda and for additional show information.

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