The Mast Brothers: Using Video to Stand Out

We had the pleasure of sampling some unique Vosges Chocolates. Though I tried a few flavors, bacon being one of them, my preference was the Black Pearl Bar made with wasabi, ginger and black sesame seeds. It was intriguing to taste all those flavors. I did a little research on high end chocolate and came across The Mast Brothers, located near the Brooklyn Channel in New York. The Mast Brothers are New York City's only bean to bar chocolate maker and one of just a hand full of true artisan chocolate makers in the United States. I'm not a die hard chocolate person, but after watching the video produced by The Scout Magazine, It's hard to imaging not visiting their shop on my next trip to New York. The video does an amazing job telling us who The Mast Brothers are and how their meticulous, quite, dedicated personalities make them a cut above other chocolate makers.

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