Strathmore Digital Photo Papers Launches in April

Did you know that 25% of the households in the USA own a digital camera? By the year 2006, that figure is estimated to be 50%. Capitalizing on this growing trend, Strathmore has introduced an exciting new line of Digital Photo Papers. These products address the "photo revolution" that is spilling over into the arts and crafts market. It is hard to miss the general publicity being given to do-at-home photo printing and computer crafts.

Strathmore has answered the question, "Now that I have printed my photo, what can I do with it?" To this end, the products combine photo paper with a craft or project such as cards, desk easels, albums and postcards. These products offer simple ways to personalize your correspondence or to document friends, family or special occasions.

Stevens Design Studio designed the package line and worked closely with Strathmore as products were revised and retailer input was evaluated to accommodate shelf space and store placement. We managed the product photography, provided design prototypes for client presentations and created a Powerpoint presentation for the sales staff. The final packages went to press in late April and you should be seeing these products on the shelf by early summer.

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