Stevens Design Studio Launches Multichannel Marketing Institute

Stevens Design Studio has launched the Multichannel Marketing Institute to help businesses understand the new role of marketing in today’s economy. The growth of technology has substantially increased the communication channels that consumers have available when researching and purchasing products and services. The Multichannel Marketing Institute will assist businesses in operating and marketing in this new environment.

The mission of the Multichannel Marketing Institute is to expand the understanding of multichannel marketing throughout the business community. It will enable businesses of all sizes, including Business to Consumer and Business to Business, to effectively utilize all pertinent channels for branding, marketing and business growth.

The Multichannel Marketing Institute will provide educational opportunities through brand reviews, marketing audits, website assessments, seminars, workshops, case studies and other means of exchanging information. It will bring together business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, marketing and technology professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities of marketing in today’s environment. The Multichannel Marketing Institute will continually monitor and research developments in multichannel marketing as technology and communication methods expand and evolve. For more information please visit

Tina Stevens is the Principal and Creative Director of Stevens Design Studio and has researched the changing roles of communication channels during the rise of the Internet and as e- commerce has evolved. Stevens believes that all businesses, including retail, catalog, e-commerce and service-based, need to embrace the many new marketing channels and use them to their advantage. Companies that understand and utilize multichannel marketing will increase their opportunities for growth and profitability.

Stevens Design Studio is an experienced multichannel marketing firm. They enable clients to achieve their business objectives by developing effective communication throughout media channels and customer touchpoints. Stevens Design Studio develops marketing strategies by evaluating current channel opportunities and making comprehensive recommendations. They then execute these plans through their print and web divisions, creating corporate communications, marketing materials, consumer packaging, websites, e-commerce solutions and online campaigns.

Stevens Design Studio will be managing the Multichannel Marketing Institute from their offices in Westfield, Massachusetts.

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