Stevens Design Studio Attends NEMOA Conference

We recently attended the Spring 2004 Conference for NEMOA (New England Mail Order Association) and wanted to share a review of e-mail marketing. E-commerce was the major topic at this conference.

Essential Components of Effective E-mail Marketing
E-mail is a flexible, measurable and cost efficient marketing tool. E-mail can be a very effective way to introduce new products, build customer relationships or make a special offer. The challenge today, with so much junk e-mail showing up in everyone's inbox, is to have a relevant message that has value for your recipient. If you "trick" your recipient into opening your e-mail with a false promise, they may never open your e-mails again.

Strategy and Objectives
  • Set the objectives and define your goals for each e-mail campaign.
  • Determine if this will be an independent effort or will it be in conjunction with a print campaign or store promotion.
  • Dedicate and coordinate the resources necessary to manage the e-mail campaign.
Database Development and Maintenance
  • Create every opportunity to collect e-mail addresses (permission is key).
    • call centers
    • website orders
    • online registration
    • retail stores
  • Review and revise data collection processes to produce the highest quality results.
  • Vigilantly maintain your unsubscribe list.

Creative and Content
  • Focus on the subject line and keep it short.
  • Build your e-mail for quick downloading ­ many people are still using dial-up.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Prepare landing pages that bring the reader to relevant information.
  • Include a call center phone number (one third of e-mail recipients use the phone)
  • Keep the e-mail short, sweet and concise.
  • Test concepts and offers to see what works best with your audience.
  • Test internally before executing ­ carefully proof content and test links.
  • Test on the major browsers and on a dial-up account.
  • Consider the best day and time of day to broadcast your e-mail.
  • Include Refer-A-Friend for viral marketing.
  • Understand the challenges of filters and ISP blocks.
  • Resend bounce backs but be careful not to get blacklisted.
  • Always include a clear unsubscribe link (it¹s now the law to have one).
Results Analysis
  • Review bounces, delivered, unsubscribes.
  • Review opens, clicks, unique clickers.
  • Review clicks by URL and by domain (AOL, MSN, etc).
  • Analyze Campaign Response
    • total delivered
    • number of orders or replies
    • average order
    • cost per e-mail including creation and delivery
  • Review contribution to profit and overhead.
  • Look at cost savings of generating this activity from e-mail versus other methods.

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