Stevens 470 Expands Marketing Programs

Stevens 470 Marketing + Creative has transitioned to a marketing consultancy specializing in marketing strategy, education, and online content development. Along with this transition, Tina has expanded the Execute for Success program offerings. All programs are designed to provide multichannel marketing services that can be immediately used in today’s competitive marketplace. The programs and services are customized specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, and key marketing staff.

Solving Business Challenges
With over 20 years of experience working with clients in the areas of marketing and design, Tina developed Execute for Success to solve several business challenges. The first challenge is developing, and then consistently executing a marketing plan. Second, there is a lot of confusion around the evolving online marketing channels and how to effectively incorporate them into the marketing mix. Third, many companies assign marketing activities to staff that are not trained in multichannel marketing, so they have difficulty developing and sustaining a successful program.

Marketing Services and Programs
Execute for Success addresses those challenges and provides businesses with marketing action plans designed to move them forward and generate results from their investments. While marketing has gotten more complex, there are extensive opportunities to utilize both offline and online channels to build customer relationships and increase sales. The services and programs include:

• Multichannel Marketing Plans

• Marketing Management

• Educational Programs

• Website Content Development

• Online Video

Tina Stevens is the Principal of Stevens 470 and developed the Execute for Success programs. She focuses her attention on creating effective strategies for clients and executing them throughout today’s marketing channels. As a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years, Tina has a business owner’s perspective on management, sales, and marketing. Her academic education provides a foundation for her marketing knowledge, while her years of business experience enable her to guide clients through a marketing project while understanding their daily work challenges.

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