Stevens 470 E-mail Marketing


“E-mail marketing is a powerful marketing tool that is less costly than many other types of direct marketing activity.”

Direct e-mail can be designed to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or send customers to your retail store. It is also highly effective for building customer loyalty. E-mail marketing will generate an immediate response – usually occurring within the first 48 hours after the e-mail is broadcast.

Stevens 470 E-mail Marketing

Stevens 470 can provide you with a powerful e-mail campaign. Based on your business objectives, we will develop e-mail content and a custom design. Because regularly scheduled e-mails are more effective than randomly sent messages, we will recommend an effective broadcast schedule.

List Management

Stevens 470 will setup your e-mail list management account. This account will house your e-mail lists in a secure database and will manage e-mail opt-ins and opt-outs. Stevens 470 can help you add an e-mail signup form to your website to help build your e-mail list. You can send updated e-mail lists at any time to keep your list current.

Custom E-mail Design Stevens 470 will design an e-mail campaign to effectively meet your marketing objectives. Each design is custom developed to reflect your brand and present your message.

E-mail Development and Testing

Once the design is approved, your e-mail will be coded and written in an effective e-mail framework. Because each e-mail client and internet browser handles html differently, Stevens 470 will create your e-mails to display correctly in all of the most popular systems. We test every e-mail through six internet browsers and seven e-mail clients to ensure your campaign will be consistent across all platforms.

E-mail Broadcast

Stevens 470 will broadcast your e-mail at the time of day and date chosen. This can be scheduled ahead of time to include weekends.

E-mail Statistics

Statistics about your e-mail campaign are collected a week after the e-mail has been sent. A report will be generated and sent to you. Statistics collected include the number of e-mail opens, the number of clicks through to your website, what pages were clicked to, and many more.

Recent e-mails created by Stevens 470:

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