Stevens 470 Develops Brand for Milana Gourmet Collection

Milana Gourmet
Milana Gourmet Collection is a new product line from Rao’s Coffee Roasting Company in Hadley, MA. Rao's is known for their exceptional coffees and teas so they wanted to create a food collection that met their same high quality standards. The coffees, teas, syrups, preserves, chocolates and additional food items were developed to provide a diversified selection to the retail gift market. Stevens 470 worked closely with Rao's to conduct market research and develop the brand identity for this vibrant new food offering.

Stevens 470 designed the retail packaging for over 70 new products and managed the printing of labels and packaging, all under tight deadlines. Wholesale order materials and an e-commerce website were also developed for the launch of the new product line, just in time for the holiday season. The website contains all Milana products and provides convenient online shopping.

The products have been received with rave reviews. Visit the Milana Gourmet Collection website at >

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