Stevens 470 Creates Workshop Website for Strathmore Artist Papers

Strathmore Online Workshops

Strathmore Online Workshop Series

Strathmore's new Online Workshop Series offer you the opportunity to learn techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions. The current workshops feature mixed media painting, sketching on toned paper, and card-making. Students can share their artwork and converse with other students and instructors within the virtual classroom environment. The workshops are open to all and you can register for free.

Website Development

The Online Workshop Series are housed within a comprehensive website. Stevens 470 worked with Strathmore to build the website's registration process, classroom features and social functionality, as well as providing branding for the instructional videos, and creating emails for the promotional campaign. The website is mobile compatible, and built within a content management system that allows Strathmore to moderate and make their own edits. 

Thousands of people have already registered for these popular workshops, which began this March. Perhaps you would like to sign up yourself and get your artistic juices flowing!

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