Shriners Hospital Remains Open!

I have worked with Shriners Hospital in Springfield for fifteen years and I am very proud of that relationship. The organization, the patients, and the staff are all exceptional people to know and work with. I went to the press conference on Friday just so I could be there when the official announcement was made that the hospital will remain open and will continue in its mission to provide exceptional orthopaedic pediatric care at no cost to the children or their families.
Shriners had proposed closing five hospitals due to the change in their endowment funds caused by the stock market. The endowment fund allows the hospitals to provide care at no charge to insurance companies or individual families. Shriners delegates voted to continue operating all 22 hospitals in the Shrine Healthcare System.
Shriners Hospital expressed their gratitude to the community for all of the support they have provided during the past few months of uncertainty. 

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