Save Time and Money with a Website CMS: Using a Content Management System (CMS) to Control Your Website


CMS Offers Built In Functionality

A content management system (CMS) is web-based software that accesses information through a database to dynamically display on a website. A CMS provides built-in functionality to your website which allows a new website to be built more efficiently. These built-in functions can include templates, navigation, search, data management and more.

The benefits of a database driven CMS system are extensive, but the ease of updating your website’s content is one of the strongest features.
A CMS will allow you to:
  • update your website with easy to use editing tools
  • streamline content creation and cut down on maintenance costs
  • immediately post up-to-date content on your website
  • create new pages or delete old pages with the push of a button
  • add or remove images
  • create and manage the roles for users updating your website

Provides An Easy To Use Editing System

A CMS will have an interface similar to a standard word processing program, which makes it easy to use. There is no need to understand the html language because every update can be made through a back-end administration section. You can make changes instantly or schedule them to go live automatically at a later date. A CMS allows you to make global changes on your website so that you do not have to remember every place your information appears and manually update all web pages containing that information. When you change the information in the database, the new content will be updated on all the web pages where it appears. A CMS uses a template style system that allows new web pages to be easily generated. When those new pages are published the website’s navigation is automatically updated which once again saves you time and effort.

Keep in mind that because a CMS is a software system residing on a server, upgrades to the system will be required, just as upgrades to any software are required. These upgrades keep the CMS up to date with current web browsers and maintains ever-changing security standards. These software upgrades are seldom costly and are normally made once or twice a year on average.

Allows You To Keep Your Website Fresh

While many important features are built into a CMS you still may need web professionals to build your website. Your website should be designed to reflect all of your brand attributes and provide an excellent introduction to your company. Building your CMS website will generally require a professional web developer that understands coding languages (PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML). Once your website is built, managing the content of your website is simple and straightforward and can be done by you or someone at your company. When you choose to use a CMS you can allocate your budget to a custom designed and well developed website. You can then save time and money by doing your website changes internally while keeping your website up to date with fresh information and current news.

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