Open House to Introduce mmi

Stevens Design Studio is pleased to announce the completed expansion of their studio and facilities. The expansion will house the Multichannel Marketing Institute, their education and training program to help businesses utilize new marketing channels for business development.

The Multichannel Marketing Institute was launched in May of 2007 and construction on the building addition began in the fall. The new space was just completed in January 2008 and will provide room for the Multichannel Marketing Institute and the facilities for hands-on training, educational seminars and marketing roundtables.

Stevens Design Studio is celebrating their expanded facility and providing an introduction to the services of the Multichannel Marketing Institute at an Open House on February 29, 2008 from noon to 5pm.

Stevens Design Studio is an experienced multichannel marketing firm. They develop comprehensive marketing strategies and execute communication collaterol through their print and web divisions, creating marketing materials, consumer packaging, websites, e-commerce solutions and online campaigns.

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