October Coffee Hour at the Studio

From the left and around: Bob Burch of Stevens 470, Mary McKitrick of Mary McKitrick Voiceovers, Judy Duval of Denise Smith Photography, Beth Ware of Westfield Care & Rehabilitation Center, Amanda Mitchell and Lana Casiello-Boyle of Chartpak Inc., Don Bozek of Strathmore Artist Papers, Emily Rae of Parperboard Packaging Council and Tina Stevens of Stevens 470.

Yesterday, we held our coffee hour on email marketing and using Constant Contact. Our guests received an overview of how email marketing has changed over the last few years and discussed ways to make their email campaigns more relevant to recipients as well as more likely to be noticed in recipient's inboxes. Bob demonstrated how to manage email marketing lists and build an email in Constant Contact. We also talked about using social media to support our email marketing efforts!

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