New Year's Resolutions for Your Website


Allocate resources to my website.

Your website is never done. It should be continuously reviewed, updated and managed. Changes can be large or small, but treat your website as a live presentation. You will need to allocate some time and money to it as part of your ongoing marketing plan.

Ensure that my website accurately reflects my business.

In today's marketplace, your website is often the first introduction to your business. Customers and potential customers are visiting your website and making a decision about doing business with you. Take a good look at your website and see if it is up to the task. Don't ignore such an important marketing channel!

Have a written plan for regularly updating my website.

Your website visitors expect fresh content and a new reason to visit your website. Given how busy most businesses are, the one way to ensure that content is updated, is to have a plan for the next six months to a year. That way you can gather information ahead of time, know what current events you need to publish, and keep on track.

Review my website design and content.

Website standards continue to evolve and website "styles" change rapidly. Your website should be visually current. When is the last time that you reviewed and updated the content on your website? Nothing will turn a visitor away faster than seeing dated information. Returning site visitors expect to see fresh information and new products. Remember that online, we are competing with big brands and best practices.

Convert to a content management system (CMS).

Using a content management system allows you to update your content as often as you want while reducing your operating expenses. There is no need to understand the html language because every update can be made through a back-end administration section. This web-based function has an interface similar to a standard word processing program.

Understand the latest search engine standards.

Do you know that keywords are no longer relevant to Google's search engine? It is important to know current standards so you can invest your search engine optimization (SEO) time and money effectively.

Test social networking for my company.

The popularity of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are growing. Evaluate if your company can benefit from using one, or even a number of these tools.

Gather e-mail names on my website.

This may seem obvious, but many websites are not requesting e-mail sign-ups. People who have chosen to visit your website are excellent prospects to be communicating with. You need to offer them something in return - special offers, industry news, technical information, etc. Determine who visits your website and decide what you can offer them in exchange for their e-mail address.

Add interactive elements to my website.

People like the ability to interact with your company. You can place a survey on your website, a test to be taken, a blog that people can respond to, etc. Find a simple way to let people talk back.

Create video for my website.

What do millions of people do every day online - watch video! Video has endless possibilities and is an excellent way to introduce yourself, present information, show products or give a tour. Creating video for your website can be quick and simple or you can develop a more formal presentation.

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