Manage Your Own Website with a Content Management System

Today, more than ever, you must keep your website content relevant and up-to-date. Returning website visitors are looking for fresh information, new products and the latest news about your company. At Stevens 470 we create database driven websites that give our clients the ability to manage their own website and easily update the content.

Build a strong website presence.

Stevens 470 works closely with you to evaluate your current website needs and objectives, including a review of your marketing plans and the role of your website. We then develop a website outline, navigational plan and content wireframes. This will ensure that your information is presented in an engaging and intuitive way for your website visitors. Custom designs are then created to reflect your company brand and messaging.Your website is then built within a powerful Content Management System (CMS). Once your website is complete and made live, you can proceed to edit text, images and pages through an easy to use back-end interface similar to a standard word processing program.

Use a CMS to easily update your website and lower management costs.

The benefits of a CMS are extensive, but the ease of updating your website’s content is one of the strongest features. Stevens 470 provides hands-on-training with every new website to make it easy for you to get started. Your CMS website will allow you to:
  • update your website with easy to use editing tools
  • streamline content creation and cut down on maintenance costs
  • immediately post up-to-date content on your website
  • create new pages or delete old pages with the push of a button
  • add or remove images
  • create and manage the roles for users updating your website
A content management system can reduce your operating expenses but it may not be your total solution. Stevens 470 will continue to provide you with technical expertise and quality service whenever needed.

The following are examples of recent CMS websites created by Stevens 470:

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Website Review

Give us a call if you would like to review your current website and discuss how a dynamic CMS website can benefit your company.

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