KosherKeepers® Award-Winning Food Storage Containers

Kosher Keepers
KosherKeepers® Food Storage Containers won the Giftware and Novelties new product competition at the 2009 Kosherfest. KosherKeepers is a division of Plastic Packaging Corporation in West Springfield, MA. KosherKeepers containers provide an easy, inexpensive method for storing kosher food in a systematic organized fashion without the need for labeling. They are available in a variety of sizes, printed in red, blue and green with corresponding colored lids for easy kosher classification - meat, dairy and pareve. KosherKeepers are available online and are being introduced into retail stores. For more information, please visit

KosherKeepers chose Stevens 470 in Westfield, MA to create the brand identity, design retail packaging, and develop their website. At Stevens 470, we are knowledgeable in the many packaging production processes and the wide range of materials available. When working on a packaging project, we create an effective solution that provides both product appeal and the appropriate protection for the product. We also develop point-of-purchase materials including three dimensional store displays and custom products for in-store promotion. Our package designs have consistently proven successful on the store shelf.

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