Hogan Communications Billboard

From cabling and phone systems to VoIP and wireless networking, Hogan Communications has been providing state-of-the art communication services for over 20 years. Sean and Andy Hogan are well known for the care and expertise they provide to their customers. With an experienced team of professionals to support clients both large and small, Hogan Communications provides benefits and services few can match. Their communications specialists are dedicated to equipping businesses with the latest technology – developing systems to increase productivity and guaranteeing the stability of client operations.

Stevens 470 recently worked with Hogan Communications to develop a marketing campaign that acknowledged Sean and Andy’s commitment to area businesses and to the communities they serve. The campaign includes a billboard that conveys Hogan Communications’ ability to supply all your business technology needs, with personal service and attention to detail. In order to portray that personal connection, Sean and Andy were coaxed into a professional photoshoot with photographer David Stansbury. David was quickly able to make Sean and Andy comfortable in front of the camera, enabling us to capture a variety of portraits. The new billboard - now visible along I-91 in Springfield - has generated lots of positive feedback.

Visit Hogan Communications at: www.teamhogan.com
Visit David Stansbury Photography at: www.davidstansburyphotography.com

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