Grow Your Online Sales

the multi-channel shopper (retail, catalog, internet) spends on average 30% more per year in stores alone than the average single channel shopper1

E-commerce Continues to Grow as a Shopping Channel
Last year 33% of American households made an online purchase and over 40% of online shoppers have been shopping online for over five years2. The internet has become the leading channel for product research and price comparisons. It is clear that the internet has become a major shopping portal and online shopping will continue to grow.

Is Your Website Selling?
The technology behind e-commerce has come a long way in the past several years. Early shopping carts were extremely basic. They offered a way to add products to a list, provide product information and pay for products. These rudimentary packages served their purpose, but have been rendered obsolete by more sophisticated solutions.

If you are relying on dated e-commerce technology it could be impacting your sales. Your e-commerce package may be missing key industry-standard tools that every merchant needs in order to meet their customer's expectations and effectively compete in the marketplace.

Take a moment to evaluate your current software and determine if your e-commerce package allows you to:
  • efficiently search for products
  • track customer purchases
  • maintain contact by storing customer account information
  • run promotions with coupons
  • manage your product
  • update descriptions, pricing and product features
  • easily offer product options such as color and size
  • show shopping cart contents at all times
  • tailor the user experience to the individual visitor
The biggest e-commerce players (Amazon for example) have set the standard for what consumers expect from a website in regards to functions, options, convenience, ease of shopping and all the additional bells and whistles. The most current e-commerce tools are robust, easy to use, and feature-rich.

Affordable E-commerce Solutions
Today there are many options available that allow you to have a strong e-commerce presence. With a better understanding of consumer online purchasing habits you can tailor web offerings to your target customers.
Advances in internet technology and the expanded use of online sales tools make it more affordable for smaller companies to match the standards set by the bigger online retailers. Now is the time to evaluate your e-commerce offerings, and if they are not up to date, take steps to strengthen your online sales opportunities.

1) Winterberry DMA; 2006
2) comScore Networks; 2006

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