December Coffee Hour at the Studio

December Coffee Hour
From the left: Tina, Kevin Boyle of American Benefits Group, Ted Cassell of Park Square Realty, Rick Miller of RJM Landscaping, Christine Hill of RJM Landscaping, and Jennifer Champigny of Stevens 470

Yesterday was our monthly Coffee Hour at Stevens470 and we asked the question "is your marketing ready for 2010?" We were so pleased that several businesses joined us to answer that big question. We did a review of the information that goes into a marketing plan and why it is so important to have one in place guiding your business in the direction that you have chosen.

I think our most relevant topic was the understanding of who we will be in 2010 - the business we embrace and present to the world - will be the business that we are for years to come. 2010 will be a watershed year as all our businesses continue to evolve due to economic changes. So, who are we now, and what can we do to improve and expand our services in the coming years? My hope for all of us in business, is that we can embrace and display the courage to be the greatest business possible. This time of change may be the perfect opportunity to tailor your business into your very finest.

Happy New Year to everyone and I wish you courage and success!

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