CHC Website Launches

Stevens Design Studio has recently launched a new website for Caugherty Hahn Communications at Caugherty Hahn Communications is an independent public relations agency with more than 25 years experience. CHC's award-winning PR campaigns consistently generate solid results, and help organizations to reach corporate goals and objectives. The updated website includes a wealth of information about their public relations capabilities and the specialized communication services they provide to multi-channel merchants.

The new website includes a fresh design and updated content. The CHC website offers tips and insights on all aspects of public relations, as well as FAQs to help companies understand how PR can help them achieve company objectives. It's up-to-date articles and case studies keep visitors informed on Caugherty Hahn Communications' latest projects.

Stevens Design Studio built this website with a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that provides CHC with the ability to easily manage the website and content. The site is both front-end and back-end accessible to people with disabilities and is written to meet XHTML standards set by the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium), allowing it to be accessed by more people using a wide variety of systems.

Visit to learn more about Caugherty Hahn Communications.

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