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Hadley Printing, a Green Company
Hadley Printing has always embraced environmental responsibility.
Hadley Printing has always been "as green as it gets". They understand that as a society we are increasingly concerned about environmental and social issues. They share those concerns and understand that they have a responsibility to care for their clients, their community and their environment.

Hadley Printing is now FSC certified.
Hadley Printing's FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification provides the next step in their commitment to the conservation and responsible management of our natural resources. The FSC’s mission is to improve the world’s forests through responsible management and documented chain-of-custody protocols for forest materials.

Our job was to let everyone know.
To ensure that their clients fully understood the scope of their green commitment and their ability to produce FSC certified printing materials, Hadley Printing asked us to create a mailer to express this message. We developed a custom piece that included a vellum leaf which wrapped around six cards. Each card was a different FSC certified paper stock and provided clients with examples of full color printing on these papers.

There has been a very positive response. Hadley Printing’s clients have contacted them to let them know they appreciated the unique design, learned more about Hadley Printing’s environmental practices from it, and tell them they will save the piece for future reference (keeping Hadley’s name on their desk). All responses we aimed to elicit from the mailer!

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