November Coffee Hour at the Studio

November Coffee Hour
From the left, Robert Burch of Stevens 470, Chris Desrosiers of Hadley Printing, Peter Gill of Peerless Handicuff, Pam Lohr of Connecticut Valley Biological, Marcia Kielb of Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce, Amanda Mitchell of Chartpak, Rob Lohr of Connecticut Valley Biological, and me.

We hosted our monthly Coffee Hour at Stevens470, discussing effectively using e-mail marketing. We enjoyed coffee with a wonderful group of professionals, and reviewed methods and ideas to improve the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. Generating e-mail lists, quality content, audience, having a call to action, testing, deliver ability, and tracking were covered. Thank you to all who attended.

Our next Coffee Hour asks the question is your marketing ready for 2010? and will be on December 16, 2009. Please join us for an interesting discussion, a light breakfast and some holiday cheer.  If you are interested, you can register at our website

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