Brand Development

crafting fresh brands

brand your organization for impact in today's marketing channels

Your new organization, product, or service will require creative solutions that express your brand’s personality. These include crafting a strong visual identity and developing distinctive marketing communications. Understanding your target audience and knowing the actions you want them to take, are all part of the process. We provide you with brand development services that can include logo design, graphic elements, brand standards, copywriting, and other marketing services as needed.

It may be time to review your brand messaging and design elements. Your brand needs to be powerful and effective throughout all media, especially today’s digital channels. If your business is at a point of growth, or in need of a brand makeover, a brand review and design update provide a fresh brand design, graphic elements, and new brand messaging for all media channels.

Brand development will include:
  • establishing organization's personality
  • design and development of company logo
  • colors and graphics for media channels
  • brand messaging
  • brand standards

website brand + content

maximize your website as a primary brand channel

Starting your website from a marketing perspective will give you a powerful online advantage. Studies show that a majority of people conduct product and information research on the internet before contacting a business. Your customers, prospects, and associates are making an immediate assessment of your company based on the look and feel of your website. From that evaluation, they’ll decide to interact with your business, or move on if your website is lacking the information they want.

Your website content includes everything on your website, from straightforward text to images, video, charts, audio files, and more. Developing that content will include research, organization, writing, and editing.

we will work together to establish:
  • the role of your website in the marketing mix
  • appropriate information and content for your website
  • site map and navigation
  • search engine optimization review
  • calls to action